The ND2C Creative Fair

The ND2C Creative Fair is a showcase of some of the best design work we have come across. It is a place of opportunity, collaboration and learning; a talent hub; a bridge between creatives and the industry; agency and client; mentor and mentee.

Showcase some of your best work to an exclusive community of design enthusiasts; a premium opportunity to network with the most creative minds nationwide and around the world.

The ND2C creative experience is for you if you:

Want to launch / re-launch yourself

No matter what stage of your design career you’re at, the Creative Fair provides you with the opportunity to boost your profile/brand. Even if you have been working in the industry for a decade but regular client work doesn’t satisfy the rebel designer in you.

Want to become more visible

The Creative Fair this year will offer exhibitors all the spotlight they deserve – from website features, social media buzz, newsletter features and post-event promotion. The mileage you get from this experience is unprecedented.

Want to stay ahead of the curve

Creative Fair gives you the opportunity to learn about industry trends and see how you’re doing in comparison to other great designers in the country.

Build connections:

Sometimes all you need is a healthy discussion and critique around your work with people who truly understand design. Done right, these little discussions can lead to collaborations, paid and / or passion projects, long term friendships, a job, or who knows what.

Plenty of structured and informal networking sessions mean tonnes of opportunities to forge new contacts and talk with like-minded industry giants and peers.

Want to earn some dough

Although we want the Creative Fair to stand out for the wisdom, learning and relationships that come with exhibiting your work in front of the ND2C audience. The money you make at the Creative Fair or as a result of it may be significant but must be considered a by-product.

How Can I Buy
The Pass?

Unlike other ND2C passes, the exhibitor pass cannot just be bought. Instead we review applications to identify some of the best talent and curate an assortment of design work.

To apply, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with selected applicants at regular intervals with more details:

The Creative Fair
Exhibitor Pass

PKR 12,500 6,000

The Creative Fair Exhibitor Pass offers the following:
  • 5 ft x 6 ft display space comprising of a display table and a chair to display your work to an exclusive audience comprising of design enthusiasts
  • The opportunity to sell your art work or design products
  • The ND2C Swag bag with ND2C goodies and souvenirs
  • Lunch and refreshments on both days of the conference
  • Closing keynotes on both days

The Creative Fair
featured artists

Frequently Asked Questions

We knew you’d ask. Yes, the investment amount is PKR 12,500 6,000/- per stall. This is payable within 3 working days of receiving confirmation of your selection from us.

We knew you’d ask that too.

This may be one of the only opportunities of its kind. It’s an experience we spend a year putting together. The linkages you build, the exposure you receive and the opportunity to get noticed by some of the bigwigs in the industry is invaluable to you as a creative. Consider it an investment in your career and brand. Our attendees, guests and speakers from around the world will be visiting your stall. The investment is one with a ridiculously high return.

We envision the Creative Fair to be a place of collaboration and opportunity and we feel it is extremely important that you personally represent your brand when someone walks to your stall. The way you can explain your brand, the process and what goes behind each piece of art, no one else can. We encourage exhibitors to be at their stall at all times and therefore do not allow entrance into the Main Hall before 3:00 p.m.

You may, however, attend the closing keynotes.

We want people from all across Pakistan to showcase their work. So yes, you can. But we do not provide assistance with travel and accommodation. The cost of the stall is exclusive of any travel and / or accommodation arrangements you may have to make.

If you hold the Exhibitor Pass you are responsible for your own space. Besides, nobody can represent your work and your brand better than you.

Sure! When life gives you lemons…

We will charge no commission on any sales you will make and encourage that you put your work up for sale. But we also want to stress to not focus on sale and rather on learning, networking, and generating leads.

Nope. We’ve kept the display areas small and simple. They’re only good for one brand or individual.

Each exhibitor will only be allowed one stall.

We have limited space and our candidates are carefully curated out of all applications we receive. The Exhibitor Pass is therefore non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

If you are unable to display your work after purchasing the Exhibitor Pass, we recommend you write to us at If we have a shortlisted participant on the waiting list, we may try and accommodate your request but do not promise or guarantee any exchanges or refunds

You will be requested to display your work on portable devices such as laptop, tablets etc. LCD's, LED's and projector are not permissible.

Write to us at: and we will get back to you shortly.

ND2C Pattern Element
ND2C Pattern Element

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